Saturday, August 18, 2007

Perfect Time For A Vacation!

I just worked a 14 hour day today. I originally planned on going in to work at 6am, however, I was up last night until 2:15am and I had a tough time waking up at 5 o'clock this morning. So i went in to work at my normal time of 8:30am and I was there until 11:00pm tonight. I'll still be coming in tomorrow morning at 6:00am to finish some things that I hadn't completed tonight.

Tomorrow is a training conference for work that I'm the event planner for so I'm in charge of running logistics. It'll be another long work day tomorrow plus I'm having friends over at my place in the evening for dinner and a movie night.

It's been pretty crazy at work for several months now. I mentioned the internal strife in last night's post. We were on the front page of the newspaper today once again. Sigh. My boss is really getting grilled! So the tension in the office was pretty high this afternoon. But as the day progressed, there was just too much to do than to be focussed on all of that nonsense.

So now is the perfect time for a vacation!

This coming Tuesday night, after work, I'll be taking off with my friend Michael for a 12 day road trip in the Midwest and Great Lakes region. I'm flying out of Los Angeles to St. Louis, Missouri and spending a couple days there from Aug. 21st - 23rd. We'll rent a car and road trip to Louisville, Kentucky from Aug. 24th - 26th. My friend Becky is a triathlete and is competing in an Ironman competition that Sunday. We'll move on to Indianapolis, Indiana from Aug. 27th - 28th. Afterwards we'll go to Grand Rapids, Michigan from Aug. 29th - 30th and then we'll go and spend our Labor Day weekend in Chicago, Illinois from Aug. 31st - Sept. 2nd. We'll fly back home to Southern California and I'll have Labor Day to rest up before heading back to work.

We'll be meeting up with friends and GCN'ers along the way. We've planned dinner gatherings so if there are any Two World Collision readers that are in those areas and would be available on any of those dates that we're there, I'd love to connect with you! Just let me now and email me at twoworldcollision(AT)yahoo(DOT)com.

Either way, i'll take lots of pictures to share the road trip journey with you.

I'm super excited about seeing my friend Becky again. She's a true inspiration. She's got a heart of gold for the GLBT community (she's an "ally" of ours). As a triathlete, she raises money for non-profit groups. For this Ironman, all her proceeds go towards the Marin Foundation. I've already donated and if you'd like to join me in supporting Becky and the work of the Marin Foundation in helping to form bridges between the faith community and the gay community, you can do so by going here:

Becky's Donation Page

Stay tuned because this is going to be an exciting end of Summer!


J said...

Oh that is SUPER exciting, Eric! I wish I could join ya'll at one of the dinners. Have a great time, and be safe! :o)


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric-

Thanks for posting that and for helping me reach my goal. I am honored to be part of the Marin Foundation and all it stands for.

I am also honored to have you come and watch me do Ironman. It brings tears to my eyes:) I cannot believe you will be there:)

Love you

Peterson Toscano said...

Eric, ah, wonderful that you will get away. I love a good road trip. I hope you get lots of snacks for the drive. Nothing like road trip snacks!