Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Road Trip Adventure Begins!

It's here and it's official!!!!

I'm on vacation!

I had a heck of a time trying to get out of the office yesterday. I was hoping to get out of work by noon which didn't happen. There were tons to do and I was frantically trying to handle the priority tasks while at the same time coordinating a few more trip details for Chicago and Louisville while also coordinating my planned meeting with my mutual life insurance representative (to sign a new policy) who was running late and would have thrown off my tight schedule because right after work I needed to get home, finish packing, clean my room and get it ready so that it could be painted while I'm gone, go to the store to get a paint roller and stuff, and then get my butt to LAX to catch my flight. The killer was when I was literally packing up my things to leave the office when the president called me and said, 'hey remember that thing I told you was NOT a priority and can wait until you get back from vacation, I need you to do it NOW before you leave for vacation.' I HOPE THEY MISS ME WHILE I'M GONE.

Okay, stressed after reading that? Sorry. I know, i'm on VACATION!!! Woo Hoo!!!

So i'm in St. Louis, MO. Ugh. How do people live in humid weather, I don't get it --says this spoiled SoCal'er. It was warm and sticky at midnight. But i'm excited to be here. Michael and I rented a car and we met up with a friend and we're staying at his place. We're gonna check out this place called Imo's Pizza. We've heard mixed reviews (from being the best pizza place ever to being a place to go to only if you enjoy getting sick to your stomach) so we want to try it out. We think it'll be fun to sample pizza from throughout the midwest (Louisville, Indy, Grand Rapids, Chicago) and see how it compares to my fav Domenico's in Long Beach, CA. I'll give you our review of Imo's later!

We don't have set plans for other sites to see here in STL but we're going to just follow our nose's. I'll be sure to take pics and share with ya! For now, we're off for breakfast....or, er.... I mean lunch. Wait, what time is it again? Blasted time zone difference.... =P


John said...

Hey, Eric,

I'm a native St. Louisan, and I happen to love Imo's pizza, but it's definitely not for everyone. One place that EVERYONE agrees you should not miss is Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard--that's a real St. Louis tradition. Also, if you've never been there, you should visit the Arch and Forest Park. There are a lot of things you could probably visit, but I think you're right in just going where your mood takes you.

Jack Kiefer said...

Yay! Vacation!

If anyone deserves one, it'd be you, Eric.

I'll be praying for your safety, and I sure hope you have a fun, relaxing time.

- Jack