Monday, February 13, 2006

Podcast Interviews

I had the honor of being interviewed by Justin and Brian on GCN Radio's podcast. It was my first podcast interview that i've done so far and I had fun doing it. It's the first episode of their fourth season of broadcasting the show. How awesome, huh? Be sure to check it out at GCN Radio's archive page - it's the February 10th episode. For most of you, you'll get to hear what my voice sounds like! =)

Later this week, i'm scheduled to do another podcast interview with Zeke over at Godscrum. Zeke runs a blog called "One For Truth" and from what I know of him so far, he believes that homosexuality is a sin but thinks that the Church should be demonstrating alot more grace and mercy towards gays than it currently is. He's been keeping up with my journey here at TWC and we've emailed a few times. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by over at Zeke's and if you'd like, post a question here for him to ask me during the interview. I think his audience is primarily heterosexual. Thanks!


JJ said...


You're famous... don't forget the little people, eh?

P.S. Listened to you GCN interview... you rock. You are just as articulate when speaking as you are when writing.

Ryan said...

Listened to the podcast, I agree with JJ, you have a real gift with words!

Proud to know you

Abigail said...

Eric, You sounded just as I imagined you might sound: calm, centered, and full of integrity. Congratulations.