Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ointment Special Report: Ex Gay Movement

This is absolutely hilarious! It's funny to think that I was Side X - just less than two years ago!

My favorite one-liners from this: "I've conquered hunger." and "You should taste his potstickers, they are so good!"

ROFL. Enjoy . . . .

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Peterson Toscano on The Montel Williams Show

My friend Peterson Toscano was in Los Angeles doing a taping of the Tyra Banks Show several weeks ago and I got to spend a tad bit of time reconnecting with him. We were both exhausted on that particular day prior to meeting but i'm sure we're both happy that we got to see each other again. I truly respect the man that he is and the calling and message that he's been given. I relate with him on so many levels and at the same time I learn so many other things from him that I didn't understand before at all!

After hanging out with Peterson, I took him to the airport. He was on his way to New York to do the taping of the Montel Williams Show - a clip seen below. He articulates his story so well - it inspires me to strive to do the same. In fact, it's because of him that i've been entertaining the idea of becoming more public about my own personal journey and testimony of being both gay and Christian.

Peterson talks more about his experience on the show and about some things that didn't air on the show. Click here to read about it.

Here's a great clip from the show: