Monday, December 29, 2008

Ten Lessons Along the Adventure of My Life

It's been a long and amazing year! What started off to be a year-end blog post ended up becoming way too long to put up here on the blog. So I posted it at our site for more flexibility.

I begin with talking about the projects that I've been a part of this year. Then I share the details of the amazing summer adventure that I had in August when I ran into a super cute hot buck-naked golden tan blond haired North Carolina guy in the middle of a hawaiian jungle.

It was the adventure of my life and through the experience I pulled out ten life lessons for the journey.

Check it out here:

Two World Collision: Ten Lessons Along the Adventure of My Life

Cheers to an awesome 2008!


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Anonymous said...

Eric, I've not been able to read all of your posts but the ones I have seem really interesting. :D

Thanks for your review of the year post. I also blogged about the pope and got a very strong reaction from my readers but it wasn't the one I expected.

Hope you're well!