Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"I'm Gay, OK?"

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about the upcoming Dr. Phil show episode called, "I'm Gay, OK?" that will be discussing issues pertaining to being gay, Christian, and a teenager. The episode will air tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19th. (Check your local listings!)

Justin from Gay Christian Network will be on the show to talk about a Christian context for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community while a priest talks about the need to "change" or be straight.

For those who have recently discovered Two World Collision, take a look at one of my previous posts called "Insights From A Visionary" talking about Justin.


JJ said...

Not to nitpick or anything, but it's October 19th.

Eric said...

thanks buddy =)

Brandon said...

Heya Eric. Saw your note over on Dr Phil's message boards. I'm way overdue for a visit eh?

Chris said...

I'm not gay, ok? AND I don't like Dr. Phil. But good luck

Anonymous said...

hey dude-- thats quite the warzone on the dr. phil website-- i saw your comment amid the smoke and ashes.

i am also a christian with exclusively homosexual attractions. i believe that God's got something better planned for me than a life being gay. I've been hearing from quite a few older men lately who have lived the gay lifestyle and still felt empty inside. They have since come out of the lifestyle and, as they say, been healed by God and feel so much more fulfilled and satisfied with life than when they were in the gay lifestyle.

I'm still young--i'm 19 and hormones are raging. but i just don't want to arrive at my 40th birthday and look back with regret that i didn't keep fighting.

God has delivered quite a number of men (now married) that i have talked to. They used to be exclusively same-sex attracted, are now physically, sexually attracted to their wifes. So i don't at all doubt that God can totally change orientation. Most of these men still say that homosexual attraction is still slightly present, but it is not overwhelming or life-dominating.

Personally, i am unsure of whether or not God is cool with homosexuality or not. So i have nothing to say there. I am just choosing to fight now because i've heard too many men say it leaves you empty. And like i said--for me it's not a question of whether or not it's possible, because i have met people who've changed. The question for me is this: Down which road is a life of fullness?

just my two cents! i hope you continue to explore the possibilities, the testimonies of both sides, and of course God's word for an answer. peace!

existentialist said...

Is it true that man can go from being attracted to men to being attracted to a woman?! I find that hard to believe! Have you guys ever been to belief net? The gay guys there roasted me over the fire for even mentioning the word 'fag hag'! They think reparative therapy is heinous. Or experience it as such.

grace said...

Yes, Olympiada, it is true.

Genius said...

Some men already like women and men and throughout their lives may shift in focus between the two so I would say it is pretty irrefutable.

However I also think it may be vastly more difficult for some than others.