Friday, October 21, 2005

Irreconcilable Differences

One of Brian Harmon's posts got me thinking about how my views and opinions have changed over the past several months. I've always thought of myself as pretty conservative but I wouldn't get that impression if I reread some of my past posts. I used to be adamant about the sinfulness of homosexuality but now I'm inclined (but still open to the other views) to think that the context of loving gay relationships can't be categorized in the same context of idolatrous, lustful, and promiscous activity.

A very good friend of mine was highly wrapped up in the tension in the Episcopal Church here in the United States and her church was a strong advocate against their denomination's stance regarding the issue of homosexuality - their acceptance of "practicing" homosexuals as clergy. Through my friend, i got an inside glimpse of the side that broke off from that denomination. A group of churches here in Southern California were the first to split association from the Episcopal Church USA and placed themselves under an Anglican bishop in Africa.

I used to pray with them as they struggled through the whole process of breaking away. I've never been a denominational kind of person but I could see how hard it was for them because they took such pride in being "Episcopalian". Their expression of worship has high value in tradition, structure, and liturgy. It was a tough thing for them to split from their denomination. Irreconcilable Differences. They still consider themselves "Anglican" but it was a pretty tough "divorce" for them to go through.

Gosh, what would my good friend think or say to me if she knew that now I'm sympathetic to the "enemy".

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existentialist said...

You know what Eric? People change and grow. As long as you keep lines of communication open, then there is hope. That is what I say. I appreciate your discussion.