Saturday, December 31, 2005

How Did You Find Me?

I'm working on my final post of 2005 and will post it later today. In the mean time, I thought this might be a good time to post a list that i've been compiling. You know how we will sometimes use a search engine like Google, MSN Search, Yahoo Search, Alta Vista, etc... to find what's out there on the Internet on various subjects? Well, I started noticing some rather interesting search queries that people have entered and found their way to Two World Collision. It's a random list that I started only two months ago, but it's interesting to imagine what people are going through in their lives to search for these kinds of things. I'd like to think that God led people here so that we can all discover that we are not alone in our journeys and struggles with faith, God, Church, and homosexuality.

I'm actually kind of curious too - how did you discover Two World Collision?

Here's a list of some of the more interesting search queries . . . .

"peace loving behavior of filipino college students"
"525,600 minutes"
"two chinese boys"
"dont ask dont tell policy"
"hot filipino gay guys"
"son i'm divorcing you dad but i still love you"
"is the biggest loser bob gay"
"if men can menstrate and woman could not,will the world change?"
"brothers and sisters having sex"
"sisters and brothers have sex"
"opinions on the hot zone"
"prideful christians"
"an essay of pre-marital sex"
"i am overwhelmed by the hate in this world"
"covert sexual abuse"
"american divorcing filipino spouse"
"thryoid condition"
"the collision of god and sin"
"conversations on homosexuality and christianity"
"gay life in ok"
"dancing partying birthday toast"
"gay dad & son"
"gay filipino boys"
"lesbian mom"
"sex chat for gay christians"
"coping with parents divorce"
"how do you build a bridge"
"worlds in collision filipino"
"living hiv for 20 years with faith in god"
"papers on christianity and homosexuality"
"being hungry for god"
"argument for female pastors"
"my dad is gay"
"similarities between 'jesus and us' "
"mr. right"
"a different gospel"
"elmo suitcase"
"freckles that came off"
"church without walls gays"
"fighting gay temptation"
"two long months looked mirror"
"passive agressiveness in children"
"freaks like me"
"my church life vs. my home life as a male leader"
"love build a bridge"
"i wish i knew how to quit you"
"homeless collision"
"gay boys mud wrestling"
"value of life"
"speak life to it"
"gay choice peace with God"
"emerging church"
"it is not simple anymore"
"essays on lonliness and relationships"
"how to discern right christian guy"
"life is full of risks"
"extreme collision"
"if God loves me, why can't i?"
"loving a man that doesn't love me"
"christian ministry eric long beach" (this one is scary)


Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm sure glad I did ;)

Happy New Year (((((Eric))))))

Eric said...

Angel - it has been absolutely wonderful getting to know you these past few months. I am super excited to potentially meet you and the family! I hope we can make it work out when I get to Florida! (((Angel)))

Matt - you are so sweet! It's been kewl seeing you at the group - hopefully, over this new year, we'll be able to get to know each other more! I'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Heh, hopefully you'll still like me after I TAG YOU!


grace said...

For the life of me I can't remember how I found your blog either. Sorry! Possibly through a comment on Brady's blog???? That's just a guess.
Happy New Year!

tk said...

i found it through a link on someone else's blog. and im glad i did! you still enjoying that derek webb?

Anonymous said...

I played around with the "Next Blog" button on Blogger and yours came up.

BTW, as what I suppose you would call a "straight" Christian, I'm a bit puzzled at how and why you identify yourself as gay and Christian with "Gay" being first.

As a Christian, your identity is in Christ. Christ should come first. And last. And in the middle. The rest (Jew, Greek, Slave, Free, Male, Female, Gay, Straight) must decrease while Jesus increases.

Note that this comment isn't directed against being gay. I'd say the same if you said any of anarchist reactionary running-dog revisionist hindu muslim catholic creation/evolutionist rational romantic mystic cynical idealist
minimal expressionist post-modern neo-symbolist
and so on.

Anonymous said...


I was doing research for a paper on the "homosexual question" in the church for a class. I think I typed "christian + gay" on the Blogger search engine. I enjoy reading your blog because I get read about other Christians who have experiences like me struggling between the Church and homosexuality.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric--I found your blog via my good friend Matt:) And the rest is history:)

Love ya


Anonymous said...

I think I found your blog through, which I'm not really sure how I came across. I did have a really boring summer job with internet access (don't get the wrong impression now) and I'm really glad I did find it!