Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 1 - San Francisco Labor Day Trip

"You Look Cute In Leather . . . .

Enjoy your new comfy leather seat!"

So I started my San Francisco Labor Day Trip with Jet Blue Airlines flirting with me. Every seat has a TV screen (with Direct TV which I really like) and when you first get on board and get settled, the screen has a series of messages welcoming you and such. Apparently, i'm their favorite customer, but i'm not supposed to tell anyone. Aww - they're so sweet!

The flight was pretty routine and it only lasted about an hour from Long Beach, CA to Oakland, CA. My friend Mark Andrew picked me up and we went to my hotel in downtown San Francisco only to discover that I couldn't check in until my friend Michael arrived from Santa Barbara. He was driving up and he was the one who made the reservation - so they wouldn't give me a key since the room was pre-paid. So Mark Andrew and I decided to go to Japan Town (which isn't as distinguishable as China Town) and got some dinner. We hung out talking and catching up for several hours, left and drove around through the Presidio, got back to the downtown civic center area, ran out of gas and got stranded, walked around for miles on a quest for a seemingly non-existent gas station in that area, finally found a Shell station, and walked back to the car. No worries, i had a good attitude about it all - it was good exercise! By that time, Michael was in town and we connected at the hotel - at which point we stayed up talking in the room until 2 a.m.

Fun times!

I enjoyed the idea of having been to work in Long Beach earlier that day and in only several hours being in a completely different region hanging out with friends and experiencing a world away from my home. I'm really going to enjoy traveling over the coming years! I'm going to start a Flickr account so that I can share my photos with you as I trek this Earth. On the schedule for Friday - Alcatraz, the actual Golden Gate Bridge, and hanging out with friends in Castro!

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was going with you....thanks. I hope you had a great time with Michael.

Anonymous said...

Jealous! Very very jealous!

And you better watch yourself. Those people at JetBlue were getting pretty fresh with you.