Monday, January 01, 2007

Let's Get Undressed!

This isn't my New Year's post. I'm going to lunch with the family soon and i'm planning on writing that this afternoon when I get back, so stay tuned! (Happy New Year, by the way!)

I wanted to give you a heads up about a new book that I'll be reading. My good friend, Becky O in Grand Rapids, Michigan told me about this really awesome book about dating and being an adult single and issues of love and sex from a Christian perspective. The thing is - I've found all those other Christian dating books SO cheesy that I could never get past the first chapter without chucking it out the window. But this one seems different and Becky O affirmed that!

So would you like to read it with us? Go out and get the book if you want to and i'll start posting about it in about two weeks or so and we can discuss it. It'll be fun!

Last week, I read GCB's post about the need for us in the blogosphere to have examples of what healthy relationships look like. I love the way he casts vision and he typically inspires me when he does, so I think this will be a good start for the new year. Besides, a healthy relationship in 2007 for me is something that I definitely look forward to! *grin*

So the book is called "Undressed" by Jason Illian. Here's a summary of the book followed by a link where you can read a chapter excerpt:

"In a world where we don't know whether we're dating, courting, hanging out, living together, or just having sex, Jason Illian exposes the naked truth about relationships.

There is magnificent middle ground between "kissing dating good-bye" and "kissing everyone good night," says Jason Illian, who made waves on 2005's The Bachelorette for his outspoken position on sexual integrity. In UNDRESSED, Illian brings a fresh voice and much-needed perspective to the discussion of sex among single adults as he helps readers apply uncompromising moral principles to their dating relationships.

Can single adults embrace their sexuality without sleeping around? Yes, says this national speaker, budding TV personality, and former corporate executive who tackles the controversial issues that make dating so difficult. UNDRESSED helps single adults uncover their hearts and unleash their passions—without compromising their convictions."

Click this link for a chapter excerpt.


Anonymous said...

I'm in! :D

Anonymous said...

I am totally in also...I love this book:)

Becky o

Daddy Cool said...

I'd be interested to hear your follow-up. The abstinence message of many of the christian-based lectures seems unrealistic as we were created as sexual beings.

Anonymous said...

Count me in...

Anonymous said...

Look for "Listen with your heart" by Eileen Flanagan. You may like that one too, even though it is more about finding a life partner, than only dating. She writes about how many standards of dating involve manipulation rather than real communication.