Thursday, November 10, 2005

Post Birthday Thanks

I just wanted to say how honored, humbled, and thankful that I am to all of you who came by to the blog party yesterday, sent me E-Cards, sent me emails with your personal story, left comments, and chatted with me on instant messenger. You are all so awesome!

It was great to hear how many of us are on such similar journeys! Let's remember that we're not alone in any of this and that there are genuine believers - both gay and straight - that are sensitive to the complexities of trying to live out our faith in the context of our sexuality. Thank you for your kind words regarding the thoughts i've articulated in this blog thus far. =)

I had a great time last night. My friends took me out to a bar for a few drinks (it was Karaoke night) and they even got me a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Cold Stone - the exact same one of the pic I used next to Brad during the party! Wasn't that so sweet of them to do that? They are the best and I thank God for them.

Blessings to you all! Let's continue the dialogue....


Anonymous said...

Karaoke and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake--sounds like a successful birthday to me ;)

(Psst you're no longer a twenty something. Welcome to the old folks' club :::giggle:::)

Closed said...

Personally I vote for Jake Gyllenhaal, but I'm "married", so I can't comment overmuch as to give scandal...happy belated birthday, Eric.

Eric said...

Christopher - ha! there is quite a bit of skin that Jake shows off in "Jarhead"

angel - wait, i thought i was twenty ten years old? doesn't it work like that?

geek_boi - actually, i've never been googily eyed over Brad either (but he's not bad to look at)

all in fun! thanks all...

Eugene said...

angel - wait, i thought i was twenty ten years old? doesn't it work like that?

Well, that would make me a twenty teenager, so it sounds good to me!