Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Buddy!

This is a special Happy Birthday shout out to my buddy (and new room mate)!

For those who hadn't realized the subtlety in my writing, every time I make reference to "my buddy" in this blog, i'm referring to the same guy. He inspires me to a fresh paradigm of the world, my community, and my own personal growth. The Lord used him to catalyze this journey of mine that led to me exploring what it looks like to be both gay and Christian - this whole Two World Collision thing.

I'm loving having him as a new room mate too! We get along well and we are learning how to share living space. He's been an awesome friend to me - he's always supported my journey, the work with my first non-profit, and now the work with Catalyst. I truly appreciate his friendship and I wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Share the love and wish him a Happy Bday for me!


The Persian said...

Happy Birthday cute Roomate guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday _ _ _ _ !!!

Hee! Hee!