Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Covering the Ex-Gay Survivor Conference

There has been WAY too much news going on that i'm excited about to properly keep up here at Two World Collision. I'll try to post as often as I can but this is going to be a crazy week!

I've got a ton of guests staying at my place this week. No, I actually do mean a ton of people. They are coming in gradually but by the weekend, i'll have 6-8 people staying at my apartment for the upcoming Ex-Gay Survivor Conference. My buddy/room mate is so awesome to be okay with using our lil two bedroom apartment like a hostel. He's even gonna sleep elsewhere so that we can use his room! Plus, there will numerous GCN'ers getting together on Sunday afternoon after the conference. Stay tuned for pics of an awesome and full weekend!

So later today, I'm being interviewed by a local newspaper - the OC Weekly - to talk about my story as an Ex-Gay Survivor. Tomorrow, Wednesday morning, I'll be part of a press conference in LA for this weekend's conference. I'm just going to be available to tell my story in case anyone wants an interview. On Friday afternoon, prior to Peterson's show for the conference, there will be an authors' book signing event that i'm in charge of. It's with Mel White, Darlene Bogle, and Wayne Besen. I also received an email from someone from Here! (new Gay themed cable network) who may be interviewing me this weekend for some projects their network is doing regarding faith and sexuality. So we'll see how everything goes!

There is a ton going on for the conference, including some major press and media coverage. Check out everything that's going on at the Conference News Page. Something particularly interesting is an invitation to a private dinner that the Ex-Gay Survivors made to the Ex-Gay leaders. You can read it here.

There's so much going on right now here in Southern California with all of this. Will you please cover me and us and it all in prayer? Thanks!

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Looking forward to meeting you at the conference, Eric...