Sunday, June 24, 2007

Karaoke Virgins

Okay, this one is just hilarious. My friends Steve and Jayson did Madonna's "Like a Virgin" on karaoke at a luau birthday party that we were at Saturday night.

I've gotta tell ya - with all the craziness going on the past several months (see post from last Thursday), these two buds have brought true comic relief in my life. I hang out with alot of people, connecting with various groups and different folks and its all fun. But whenever I hang out with Steve and Jayson, it's a guarantee that I will laugh like crazy. These two keep me grounded. These two make sure I don't take life so seriously. I really appreciate their friendship and consider them a true blessing.

For a good time, call Steve and Jayson at 1-900-555-.... *grin*

Hehe, Happy Birthday Jayson!

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Jack Kiefer said...

Wow! They're way better at karaoke than I am, lol. Looks like it was fun!