Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Girl Meets Girl

I finally got a chance to listen to Siena and Toast's podcast called Girl Meets Girl. I was honored to have been mentioned in their June 28, 2007 broadcast (#20 Vegetarianism) towards the end as they talked about homosexuality and the Bible. Check it out!

Their music as Makena is very soothing - one of the reasons why I like them. But I found that I also enjoyed listening to them speak on their podcast. Their voices are so sweet and their hawaiian accents make me reminisce about my elementary years when I lived in Hawaii on Oahu.

They make me feel . . . .

Comfortable. At ease.

They are beautiful gals with beautiful hearts and I look forward to getting to know them more through their podcast as well as in person. They are down to earth and they embody that "aloha spirit".

I'd appreciate it if you'd check them out at Girl Meets Girl. Also, help them out by voting for them at podcast alley so that they can be ranked higher. There is a "vote" link on their page over on the right side.

So today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day for us in America, which means holiday! Makena will be performing at Old Tony's (a restaurant) in Redondo Beach tonight so if you are in Southern California, be sure to check them out. I'll be checking my schedule to see when I can come and see some of their upcoming shows. =)

As I write this, i'm hungry so in honor of Siena and Toast, I think i'll go around the corner to Shakka Hawaiian BBQ and grab lunch! Happy Independence Day!

UPDATE: I just bought Makena's latest CD from iTunes! It's awesome! Go get it....

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Anonymous said...

I am so honored to call you a friend. I love you so much.

Becky O