Monday, July 02, 2007

News Feature on Advocate.Com

So last week, I went to a press conference in LA held by BeyondExGay.Com and Soulforce where three former Exodus leaders issued a formal apology for the roles they played in ex-gay programs. They also promoted the Ex-Gay Survivors Conference which was held this past weekend. I'll be posting soon about my experiences at the conference, along with some pics. But until then, I thought I'd share with you the article that was written that includes the interview I did for The Advocate.

It was posted on their web site at Advocate.Com as a News Feature. Not sure how long it'll stay there but it's featured on the home page of the site too. Check it out!

Reading my own name and some of my story in other media outside of TWC is kinda weird. But I learned a ton of valuable stuff about sharing one's story with others (as well as the Press) at this weekend's conference. In the Advocate article, a few of the things I said were paraphrased or slightly misquoted but the jist of my point was communicated for the most part. In my last post, I talked about the interview and so that post articulates more clearly what I meant by certain things I said in the interview. Read that post again here.

Oh, LOL, the other thing that I thought was funny was that the article kinda sounds like I was in an ex-gay program to heal me for being a gay masturbator. ROFL! Okay, it doesn't say that EXACTLY (now i'm the one misquoting the interviewer), but it does kinda sound like that. Haha, whatever.....

I think i just outed myself.


KJ said...

Perfect timing on the story, Eric. I'm involved in "discussions" in Episcopalian settings and Michael Glatze's "coming out" as an ex-gay has added fuel to the fire. Peace to him. However, few in the church seem to have the grace to allow fellow believers the dignity of following the Spirit to a different conclusion.

qwe said...

Hey Eric ~

We know what you mean about sharing your story with the press, and being paraphrased and misunderstood. So it's great that the article mentioned this blog, so people can read more directly from you!

Your work in speaking out is making a difference for others, now and in the future! You're doing excellent work, and we wish you an excellent day!