Friday, July 06, 2007

Learning to Speak Out

I'm mentioned in this month's issue of Blade!

I was honored to have been interviewed by this SoCal newsmagazine, circulated throughout Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. It was for an article featuring my local Toastmasters club called Speak Out! Toastmasters. You've seen me post about them before and possibly even seen photos of things we've done. The article is entitled "Learning to Speak Out" by Thomas Soule.

Well the article finally came out in this month's July 2007 issue of the magazine. I was surprised to see that I was quoted quite a number of times in the article (accurately, even).

I don't think the Blade has a Web site with its content on there so I scanned the pages of the magazine and uploaded them to Catalyst's server. (I also scanned the front cover of the magazine and put it at the end of the file - I thought some of you may appreciate that.)

So you can read the article in a pdf file - simply click the link below to download it!

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