Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That's How You Know

I enjoyed dinner at a cool vegan restaurant called Leaf Cuisine last night with my friend Peterson who was passing through LA from Portland on his way back home to Connecticut. He inspires me! It's been an absolutely full and crazy and fun and challenging and discouraging and encouraging 30 days for me and so I appreciate his friendship because he rejuvenates my sense of purpose and is a model for what can be and what should be done in this world.

Seeing as how it's been exactly one month (and a day) since my last post, and also since Peterson gave me an East coast kick in the arse as I dropped him off at the airport to just write SOMETHING . . . . you can blame him for this one!

I saw Enchanted a few weeks ago (which by the way, a good friend of mine who is a Disney photo shoot producer did promo stuff on this movie) and I have to admit that I really liked the movie! Yeah, it's cheesy but I am absolutely a romantic. Plus I like how they balanced out both concepts of believing in Love and also taking the time to get to know a person - dating. One of the hottest things to me is a guy who takes the initiative in expressing how he feels. =P

I laugh at myself every time I listen to this song because I actually really like it! And given the crazy last 30 days I've had, this song brings me up every time! Enjoy!


Ryan said...

HAHAH! I have to agree.. one of the best 'feel-good' scenes of the year right there. Ok.. I have to admit I just looked up the song on iTunes. The true test is finding out if I actually downloaded it. Hmmmmm...

Bill Rogers said...

Eric, Glad Peterson kicked you in the arse. I loved that song. I never knew Enchanted was a musical and now I'm that much closer to wanting to see it. That was a great song, expressing in different a different way the sentiment in Tell Her About It by Billy Joel.

Peterson Toscano said...

I confess, that I too saw Enchanted recently (my sister wanted to go) and I felt determined that I would hate it, but it is too much fun (and we even had a few gay nods in it!)

Thanks for a wonderful rare vegan meal. Yummy.
And look you have already posted TWICE in one week. :-)