Saturday, July 16, 2005

Exploring Truth

It's kind of scary. I've been a Christian for just about 13 years now. Pretty much a conservative Evangelical background. I believed that "homosexuality" was a sin the whole time - no question about it really. So now that I am exploring the question, i'm kind of afraid of what it means - or even what it may lead to. I don't think i'm doubting my faith per se - but two years ago, if i caught myself thinking this way i'd accuse myself of compromising truth. I'm not even saying now that i don't think it's a sin, i'm just holding off on coming to a conclusion about it until I process through it. I've never really done that before. All i want to do is be able to own whatever I believe about it rather than just saying its true because its what the main stream teaches.

I'm going to visit a church tomorrow that has a lesbian pastor who has been in a committed and monogamous relationship. I hear that this church broke off from an even more liberal church because it "compromised" truth by excusing sinful lifestyles (something like that). I'm told that this church is evangelical so i'd like to see it for myself and possibly discern for myself what they are teaching. I'd also like to see how this pastor reconciles the homosexuality issue with her faith. I've heard positive things so i'm going to keep an open mind going in without establishing a conclusion either way.

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