Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Moved Without An Internet Connection

Sorry for the lack of activity over the past several days. I've finally moved out of the house I was in - for three years I was renting a small prison cell (i mean room) in a house and this weekend I finally moved out into my own apartment again. It's been more than four years since I've last lived alone (without room mates) and it feels great! Silence. Privacy. Freedom.


So I don't have a reliable Internet connection yet. Hopefully my modem is on its way. I've got periodic wireless signals in the area from nice fellows who chose not to secure their wireless network. The signal isn't strong enough to where I can really abuse (i mean borrow) their connection to stay on very long. I figured I'd try to write this quickly before I lose the connection.

I've taken two weeks off of work to move, settle in, and relax. I've been way burnt out the past two months at work and was desperately waiting and needing time away. I've got alot of things brewing in this head of mine: more processing regarding the whole pre-marital sex thing that i posted about before; thoughts about the whole "I love you but not the sin" bit; discovering the Trevor Hotline and remembering my own suicide attempt in high school; studying through the Side A and Side B stuff; and lots of prayer.

I'm losing the signal. Stay tuned friends!

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JJ said...

Glad to know you're okay, I was getting worried!