Monday, January 23, 2006

Florida Connection

While I was in Florida for the GCN Conference, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Angel. She is a fellow blogger and friend who lives in Florida and knowing that I was going to be in her neck of the woods, she and her family traveled over an hour just to meet up with me and have lunch.

Wasn't that sweet of them?

I got to meet her husband and kids and we got to hug and chat face to face for the first time. She's got an incredible heart!

I discovered Angel's blog right around the time I started Two World Collision and the thing that hooked me to hers was reading about the darndest things that her kids say and do. It's hilarious!

She was even the one who helped me get into the "GCN Official Dork Club". I was placed on probation for not being dorky enough so I was given an assignment to find out where the phrase "Alohamora" comes from and what "Squee!" means. Not having a clue what either meant, I googled them and found that they were a Harry Potter reference. Since Angel is a fan of the books, I knew she'd have the answers I needed. I was right and she helped me with my dork homework. I got in - i'm officially a dork!

Anyway, Angel has always supported me in my journey and has kept up with TWC since the beginning. I'm proud to call her my friend! It's been such a blessing getting to know her over the past several months and I'm glad we got to meet!

Angel, YOU ROCK!!!

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The Rainbow Zebra said...

:::Blush:::: Awww, well you know I think that you rock too!!!((((Eric)))))

Now you just have to find an excuse to come back to FL ;)

It's so nice to meet someone for the first time, and feel like they are an old friend :)