Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some People Make Me Vomit (Part 2)

And another thing . . . . (I make no apologies for using my blog to vent right now)

Only 12 minutes after posting the last blog entry, I read this article.

I am so sick and tired of hearing people call any GLBT attempt to live a normal life or claim the right to live a normal life - an AGENDA! I'm referring to the reporter's comment - he says, "Will the President take any measures to prevent these activists from using this non-political event as a way to push their agenda on the rest of us?""


Yeah, i get it. Any story can be spun any way to produce the desired response from the readers. I'm sure there will be lots of spin when that reporter writes his piece. But how is gay parents wanting to allow their children to enjoy themselves with other children on the White House lawn during Easter - an AGENDA?

It's like anything that GLBT people do in public that brings some kind of peace and joy to their lives is suspiciously an infiltration into our society to break down the moral fabric of our families. Who's got the agenda? The people who want to raise a happy family or the ones who want to raise children who will hate the happy family?



Anonymous said...

Jeepers. I don't blame you for wanting to vomit.

From that quoted reporter's "conservative" logic, I guess anyone - straight or gay - who supports gay-marriage and same-sex parents is an "activist". And if an "activist" is somebody with a point of view, conservative, progressive, whatever, then that's most of us!! So even if Family Pride are stopped from turning up, there's gonna be
"activists" on the White House lawn anyway, teehee.

And if it's truly a non-political family event, the White House has no reason to allow conservatives to hijack the occasion ... I hope to goodness they see sense and let ALL the kids (and parents) enjoy their day. Without excluding anyone.

JJ said...

Yeah, that's the same kind of logic that has people saying things like "I don't mind whatever gay people want to do in the privacy of their own homes, as long as they don't 'flaunt' their sexuality." I hate that kind of thinking. Gay people are accused of flaunting their sexuality when they do things that straight people do all the time -- apparantly if I were to hold hands with a girl in front of a straight person, I would be 'forcing my sexuality down their throat', but they can say things to me like "me and my husband are trying really hard to have a baby" (ie: "me and my husband are having lots and lots of sex") and that's perfectly acceptable.

...or the married friend who asked me why on earth it was so important for people to know I'm gay (the limited amount of them anyway), because her sexuality was not evident, and she was 'only a sexual person for maybe an hour a day'... which was probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And besides, wearing a wedding ring, referring to your husband, commenting on which actor you find attractive, all of these things 'flaunt' your sexuality, but when we do it there's an element of an agenda or something.

...heh, sorry, you've got me venting now!

anyway, I'll stop. So glad to be back online and have caught up on your blog!

Michael Dodd said...

Yes, our agenda seems to be to exist. Sorry! Didn't know that would be a problem. Maybe you should talk to God who seems to keep using straight people to procreate gay folk.

Do you suppose the Westboro people will show up and shout hateful things at small children waitng to hunt Easter eggs? Do you suppose frantic parents will drag their children away from the contaminating presence of two- and three-year-olds who have too many daddies or mommies? Since about half those kids with straight parents either already have multiple mommies or daddies due to divorce and remarriage or will have before they are grown, the whole thing becomes absurd.

The underlying question for me is not about the Easter egg roll, but about what determines who gets face time at White House press conferences. Is Jeff Gannon back in there? Does Scott McClellan intentionally call on wingnuts? What would he say if some gay-friendly reporter asked a loaded question like that? Maybe it happens all the time but gets supprressed by the MSM. Who knows? We have reached the point where it seems if the government isn't spying on us, it is lying to us anyway.

I'd move to Canada, but it looks like equality there depends on who is in power this year. Not much of an incentive.

Now you have me venting. No, that's not fair. Now I have let myself vent.

Abigail said...

I've been following this on my blog for a while now. I maintain that the spin has gone the way of the conservatives because Family Pride tried to keep the plans for the event a secret. Conservatives found out about it and are now determined to "expose" the "subversive"' plan of "activists." (And most insulting of all, referring to our families as "so-called families.")

The spin could have gone in a favorable direction for LGBT families had plans for the event been out in the open from the very beginning.

Here's more from my blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't vomit!
You are letting yourself get way too upset with the words of a bigot. By getting upset, you empower him. This is exactly what he wants.
You will come across a lot of bigots in your life. You'll also come across some good people who live their lives in a wholesome way. They are gay people who have learned to integrate their sexuality with their spirituality, and live their lives at peace with the world, God, and above all else with themselves.
I happen to be gay and have been working in the LGBT community for some 35 years. It's a lesson I learned the hard way, and paid the price.
There is nothing wrong with your sexuality. Learn to integrate it with your spirituality, and live both in a wholesome and fulfilling way.
Don't let the bigots play games with your mind, even if they do wear clerical collars.

Ash said...

These last two posts really hit me and reminded me of a sermon on unity I heard on Sunday. Unity is one of those things that the church constantly struggles with, more so lately with the entrance of homosexuality into the mix.

It's scary and sad at the same time how some people are so fixated on what the Bible purportedly says about homosexuality (amongst other things) that they're essentially promoting disunity.

The Rainbow Zebra said...

How sad that ANYONE would want to keep kids from a fun day, just because of who their parents are :(