Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Week In Florida

Hi everyone,

Only have time to write ya a quick note - i'm off to Orlando, Florida for the GCN Conference! I'm so excited because this will be my first gay Christian conference. I'm looking forward to gaining both insight and connection! I'll be leaving tonight and will return next Thursday - after the conference i'm spending a few days to check out Disney World (of course!). I'm also excited because i'll get to meet my new bud and fellow blogger, Angel and her family! They are driving about an hour from where they live just to see me and have lunch with me!

I was hoping to finish Sankofa (Part Three) but haven't yet. Perhaps, the conference will provide some good insights for me to process for it and other future posts. Either way, when i get back, i'll finish off my testimony and let you all know what God's been placing on my heart for the future - (plus, i've been kinda seeing a guy - so maybe i'll fill you in *grin*). In the mean time, I encourage you to check out the links in the sections on the left and right columns. Also go through the archives to catch up on anything you might have missed! =)

I'd appreciate your prayers! Also please keep an eye out for the Figure Skating National Championships next week. My good friend is competing in the pairs competition! (I'd mention his name but i didn't get a chance to ask him if it was okay.) Stay tuned!



Peterson Toscano said...

Eric, Enjoy GCN! I met many fellow GCNers at Evangelicals Concerned in July in San Francisco (a mini GCN conference) and everyone was GREAT.

The Rainbow Zebra said...

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! See ya in about 36 hours LOL

Eric said...

hey everyone,

turns out, i CAN get internet here...there's free wireless access in our hotel room. kewlness.

so, i missed my flight! my original flight was a non-stop flight from LA to Orlando, but i ended up taking another red eye to Washington DC, then another connecting flight to Orlando so it all worked out in the end - a few hours past what was planned.

the conference has been great so far. meeting lots of really kewl people! thanks peterson!

angel, looking forward to seeing you and the family for lunch in a few hours!

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time in Orlando, Eric! Thinking of you all. God bless!

The Rainbow Zebra said...

Hmmm wondering how much comment spam I can leave..... ;)

Enjoy the rest of your stay in FL!

It was so awesome getting to meet you Eric, truly a blessing!! :)

Matt said...

Eric, glad to hear you are having a good trip, and that you got to meet one of your fellow bloggers. Reading "sankofa" Parts I and II had an impact on me, like they all have, these entries really make me look at myself and my life. I can't quite express what they have made me feel. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your time in FL!

The Rainbow Zebra said...

Are you back yet? Are you back yet?

:::Sigh::: I miss you!

::::insert more comment spam:::::

Eugene said...

plus, i've been kinda seeing a guy

I don't blame you - he's rather cute. ;)

It was great seeing you at the conference. Hope you have a good trip back.

Christine Bakke said...

Eric, it was wonderful to get to spend time with you at the conference. You are an amazing person and I'm so happy that I know you. And you have cool glasses, too.

Eric said...

aww, you guys/gals are all so sweet! well, i'm now at the Orlando Airport waiting to board my flight back to Los Angeles. I had an awesome time! So much to much to process...