Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saving Face

[Note: Scroll down within this post to see video review of "Saving Face" on YouTube.]

Well, i've been settling in to the new apartment. I still have some things at the old place - i've sorta been taking my time since i have until the end of the month to be completely out, so it's been a slow and gradual move. I like it here though. It's alot spacier and I like having my buddy as a room mate. I live within walking distance from the grocery store and several food options - chinese, thai, mexican, pizza, pannini's, teriyaki burgers (let's hope i don't frequent these places too much). The upstairs neighbors are loud though - ugh! I can hear every foot step. I like it though.

Tonight, my buddy and I watched an awesome movie on DVD that I totally recommend to everyone and their mother (no, really. watch it with your mother). The movie is called Saving Face and it's about a chinese lesbian doctor (super super beautiful BTW!) and her mother who both experience the tension of having a culturally taboo love - the daughter having a romance with another (beautiful) chinese woman and the mother (single) getting pregnant and refusing to reveal who the father is . . . .

It's funny because there was a scene in the movie that my buddy and I happened to see when we both watched the GLAAD awards last week and when the scene came up we were both trying to figure out where we'd seen it. The scene was with the daughter coming out to her mother and she says, "I love you. And I'm gay." and her mother responds with something like, "how can you say those two things to me at the same time. My daughter is not gay." and she responds with something like, "then maybe i'm not your daughter." Totally awesome scene. I don't remember if they won the GLAAD award or not.

I found this movie to be absolutely hilarious! And at the same time, it was relevant to so many of us who experience that collision of worlds where our culture leaves little room for us to be with the one we love. I thought the movie did a great job at portraying the way gossip from family and friends can keep us in the closet in order to spare ourselves from the embarassment of other people's ridicule. I related well with the asian family dynamic too - of having mom's in a sort of denial still trying to fix us up and get us married - mom's not wanting other family member's to know that she has a gay child. There were so many elements to this movie that hit home with me. But i don't want to say too much or else it'd spoil the movie for you. So, for sure, you have to go see this movie. Really. Go see it! In the mean time, check out the website and watch the trailer. Also here's a review from Cinema AZN of the movie for you to watch:

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Dawn said...

I loved this movie as well. I need to buy it when I come across it. The awkwardness between the two girls in the stairwell was great.