Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome to the Staff

Just a quick note about my first two days at the new job that I mentioned on TWC's bday on Thursday. It has been going well so far. They even had a huge and beautiful arrangement of yellow flowers (see photo) delivered for me to welcome me onto the staff! Awww...... wasn't that kewl? They are flying me out to San Francisco for a training this coming week from Tuesday night through Friday night. It'll be my first time in the Bay area and i'll have Weds & Thurs evening free so hopefully i'll be able to connect with GCN friends in the area and see some fun sites! =)

Anyway, it's blazing hot in Southern California today so I hope you are staying cool if you're baking where you are too!

On a side note, I wanted to encourage everyone to keep Becky in your thoughts and prayers as she competes in the Gay Games in Chicago this weekend in the triathalon. She's an amazing friend, woman, and sister in Christ who loves the gay community genuinely. I'm sure she's looking forward to meeting different people and gaining greater insight into understanding our community better. The triathalon starts early Sunday morning. We need more people like her and also Zeke in the mainstream church who are willing to love and try to understand the GLBT people within the Church.

Take care everyone!


Matt said...

Eric, all the best to you on your new job, I hope you find it rewarding.

Eric said...

thanks Matt! haven't seen you in awhile. hope you're well. =)