Monday, July 17, 2006

YouTube on TWC

Sometimes there are the funniest things on YouTube. Other times, there are some of my favorite scenes from TV shows. There are also movie trailers and clips. One of my favs are the music videos. There are lots of amateur videos. There are lots of ripped videos. Most of the time, the quality isn't so good. But having them available so widely can be a useful and convenient tool to illustrate a thought, idea or emotion.

I've posted YouTube videos on this blog before. The site has become incredibly popular around the world and there are lots of people out there that love it. There are others that question whether or not it should be legal. As it is now, the site hasn't been shut down, it's not my job to determine its legality (since the question is up for debate) and from my perspective, my use of them on TWC helps to promote whatever movie, song, or artist that is being featured.

So my official disclaimer would be that if you see something on YouTube that you like - go and buy it so that you can own a quality version.

That said, I decided to index all of the posts that I've made here that include a YouTube video. It's a new section that I created on the right side column of this blog called "Posts With 'YouTube' Movies, Trailers, Clips, Music Videos and Lyrics".

There are also a few posts in that section that have new YouTube videos that I added such as the Everwood post, the Seasons of Love post, the Superman post, and the Imagine Me & You post. I think the videos help illustrate the thoughts I write in those posts. Feel free to check them out!

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