Thursday, January 03, 2008

Suicide and The Porcelain Punisher

This is the first video segment of my four part Survivor series telling my story of growing up gay, becoming Christian, struggling with same sex attractions, and reconciling the conflict between my faith and my sexuality. Daniel Gonzales of Box Turtle Bulletin (and in partnership with Beyond Ex-Gay) recorded, created and edited the video (creative commons license).

To supplement this video, you can also read "Sankofa (Part 1)".

Here are the other segments of the video series:

Part 2: The Ex-Gay Program.
Part 3: Isolation and Exclusion.
Part 4: Side X Culture.

And now watch, Part 1: Suicide and The Porcelain Punisher:

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(no subject) said...

you are amazing. for telling your story. and it really struck me how you first described your experience. "i survived suicide." i have heard many ppl talk about their suicides and they always say, myself included, "i tried to kill myself" "i attempted suicide" etc.
i'm not quite sure how to say it but just that you say "i SURVIVED suicide" just makes me see my experience in a different light. i keep getting stuck up on what i did, but now i see it as something i got past. i DID survive, i'm here.
thank you