Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Free Hugs in Santa Barbara

I spent the Memorial Day Weekend with some pals in Santa Barbara, CA and we saw a guy, Jerry Matteo, giving out free hugs as part of the Free Hugs Campaign. I gladly gave him a huge hug and thanked him for what he's doing.

Jerry is a hero!

I thought it was so cool to actually see someone doing it. I first heard about it and posted it in a previous post here.

I've since discovered Free Hugs all over the world:

Free Hugs in Venezuela
Free Hugs in Korea
Free Hugs in Amsterdam
Free Hugs in Tel Aviv
Free Hugs in China
Free Hugs in Italy
Free Hugs in Paris
Free Hugs in Tokyo

And also Free Hugs in Hollywood:

Why not Free Hugs in Long Beach, CA?


JohnAGJ said...

What a clever idea! Everybody needs a hug now and then in our busy lives. I imagine that this is one campagin our Lord would smile upon.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea...totally awesome...


Bryan said...

i want a hug!