Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Survivors Speak: Daniel and Claire

Hot off the presses! My friends Daniel and Claire, who went to the Ex-Gay Survivor Conference with me two weekends ago (see pics here) and crashed at my place, just had two of their soon to be famous YouTube videos posted.

The first is of their YouTube debut being goofballs and telling a story about their road trip adventures! It's hilarious when you compare it to their second video (more serious) of the interview they did during the conference.

In their interview piece with BeyondExGay.Com and Soulforce, they both share about their experiences of reconciling faith and sexuality, helping others through it, and also the value of meeting others and hearing stories at conferences like these. I'm very impressed with both of them and I'm so proud to call them friends! They present themselves as articulate and the message I love in it is that "we are not alone".

The first video is for laughs. The second video is for tears. I love these guys!

Road Trip Adventures:

Survivors Speak: Daniel and Claire

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Brian said...

Oh man... what a ridiculous juxtaposition. Thanks for sharing your video.

Talking to Claire and Daniel was a great experience... they really have important things to share.

Look out for more videos from the Survivor's Conference (including one featuring YOU!) over the next month.